Changing Unhealthy Life Patterns

Many of us at some point have said “Why does this always happen to me?”. We realize that we have patterns in our lives that aren’t what we would want to choose consciously, be it; always dating the unfaithful partner, getting into car accidents/trouble when being on time is imperative, losing our job every 2 years, somehow always recreating the same injury on the same foot, or always having something come up as soon as you finally start saving money again. The patterns can be very different in each of us, but what remains the same is that there is something we are missing in these experiences that cause us to continually experience, attract or re-create them in our lives.

As I work with my patient, we go through the layers of our selves, our lives, our experiences to date and help to shed light on the deep seeded feelings and possibly past experiences that we need to re-visit in order to fully understand why these patterns continue in our lives. With this awareness we can heal the root causes of these patterns and release them from our energy field of creation for good!!