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Leah Fortner

561-358-8795 (Please call between 10am-8pm)
West Palm Beach, Florida

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  • July 19th-  Tune In Moon In hosted at The Emerald Lotus 7pm  (Hendersonville NC)     See descriptions below....
  • August 2nd- Tune In Moon In hosted at Crystal Visions  7pm (Fletcher NC)
  • August 16th- Manifest; An Interactive Workshop hosted at Crystal Visions  7pm 
  • August 25th- The Evolution and Future of Human Consciousness hosted at The Emerald Lotus 7pm
  • August 29th- Reality; The Dream hosted at Crystal Visions 7pm
  • Sept 15 2011- Gardens Acupuncture and Wellness Center Palm Beach Gardens Fl 7-9 pm "Learn the Language of Your Dreams." Hosted by Leah      
  • Sept 22 2011The Crystal Garden Boynton Beach Fl 7:30-9:30pm "Communicating with Our Subconscious Selves Through the Messages of our Dreams" Hosted by Leah       

  • Oct 6 2011- Gardens Acupuncture and Wellness Center Palm beach Gardens Fl     7-9pm "The Evolution and Future of Human Consciousness." Hosted by Leah

  • Oct 19 2011- The Crystal Garden Boynton Beach Fl 7:30-9:30pm "Find Inner Truth and Growth in the Mirrors that All Our Relationships Provide" Hosted by Leah Check it out @ (see class schedule)                                              

  • Oct 26 2011- Gardens Acupuncture and Wellness Center Palm Beach Gardens Fl      7-9pm "Dream Language II and Lucid Dreaming" Hosted by Leah

  • If you know of any upcoming events please email me at   Namaste!

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Choose from a variety of events or get creative!

Tune In Moon In- Join us as we celebrate this Month’s Full Moon by tuning into a Rhythmic Dance of Consciousness!! The moon, the seasons, the planets and stars, nature and animals are all operating in cycles; the entire universe is. Even the biological time clock of our body is synching into cycles that are in tune with the universe. We are interconnected with all of creation and all of the cycles within that creation. Some of our cycles are within our awareness, but many of them are not. Start to bring more awareness to your life, your choices, your actions, and your personal experiences by looking deeper into these cycles all around you. Learn more about the literal and metaphysical translations behind them. When you are tuning into the rhythm of the universe you are uniting yourself with its sacred dance. A natural flow can take place in your life. The moon is a major influence in this way for us here on Earth. Find out what this Month’s Full Moon can support in regards to your conscious creations.

Manifest; An Interactive Workshop- Join us as we practice the art of manifestation. Manifestation is an art. There are a series of skills when combined that equate to a potent flow of manifestation in your life. Knowing, practicing, having gratitude, awareness and surrendering are the tools that we really want to hone in on. Join a group that is focused on intentional creation and witness this power when applied to your life. Bring a journal and a pen, as we will be using this to help us map our future creations that are on their way in this very moment. If you want to manifest something in your life, have a block on something you have wanted for some time, or you want to learn how to steer the creations of your life with more awareness this class is for you (and honestly that should apply to all of us!). Begin to consciously paint the canvas of your life and know that everything you need and more is here for all of us.

Reality; The Dream- Join us as we uncover a special tool used in conscious enlightenment. It is commonly known that dreams are the communication of the subconscious and that these dreams are expressed through symbolism. There is a language of symbology that we must decode in order for the messages being delivered through the dream to be received consciously. In the conscious journey we realize that through the Law of Attraction all our creations and experiences are also mirrors or symbols. Taking this practice and applying it to your conscious reality is really an amazingly profound experience. Your consciousness naturally elevates and you begin to understand the creations and experiences around you as they apply to the deepest layers of self. Review the practice of decoding dream symbols. Learn how to then switch this technique into “reality”. Receive examples and direct guidance on applying this tool in your daily life.

Communicating with Our Subconscious Selves Through the Messages of our Dreams- Learn the language of your dreams. Open yourself to the guidance and communication available within dreams and connect to deeper levels of your true nature. Understand how the symbols are specific to each individual and how to interpret them. Receive exercises on how to create stronger memories of your dreams once you wake.

Find Inner Truth and Growth in the Mirrors that All Our Relationships Provide- All the relationships in our lives offer us the wonderful gift of a mirror. Learn how to create personal growth by bringing awareness to these mirrors and honoring the truth that is available to us. The answer to “Why do I always end up in this kind of relationship or attracting these types of people?” lies right before you, in the acceptance and understanding of these mirrors.

Become the Master Creator of Your Life- Learn how your intentions, beliefs and actions create the experiences and manifestations in your life. Release any feelings of helplessness and take “control” of what you want in your life. Understand the power of affirmations and using synchronicity as a personal tool of direction. Start creating the life you always dreamed of NOW!

Activate the Personal Healer that Lies Within us All- Our bodies were created to heal themselves. Experiencing physical disharmonies is the body’s last attempt to communicate with us. Learn how to listen to and communicate with your higher self in order to bring awareness to any disharmonies and realign yourself before they manifest into physical form.

The Evolution and Future of Human Consciousness-  The journey and evolution of human consciousness on earth has been nothing short of amazing. Join us as we review the time-line of this journey and then focus on the future of our consciousness. How it will continue rising and how we can be pioneers in the shifts that will take place. Learn exercises to help elevate your consciousness.