Healing Physical & Behavioral Illnesses and Injuries from the Root

Our physical bodies communicate to us, when need be, through pain, injury or illness. Our society has spent so much time and energy on researching, exploring and trying to suppress and cure the symptoms of these “disharmonies” of the body. I am not a medical doctor and suppressing your symptoms is not something I offer (although they may naturally become less ). What I intend to do is listen to what your body wants you to hear. Holistically, finding the root causes that led to these symptoms. Energy is all around us and trickles through the layers of our selves; physical being the last. It may at first seem hard to grasp, that ignoring for a long time that you need rest may lead to a sprained ankle, but once you are forced into the rest, you feel “Alas, I didn’t realize how much I needed this”. Taking that much needed break may lead to an experience that changes the direction you were currently going in your life.

Behavioral illnesses, which have been labeled by the medical field as ADD, Bi-Polar, Clinical Depression, OCD and so on are also manifestations, which offer us the chance to go deeper and communicate with ourselves in order to discover what healing needs to take place, even if these "illnesses" have been handed down from other generations in our family. We will find the root causes of these manifestations and with our own willingness to change, time, compassion, and awareness begin to unravel their "control" over us, allow them to become manageable and with faith release them from our lives.

Chronic or terminal injuries and illnesses may have a much deeper communication and take more time to find the root causes. I will guide you on this journey of facing the fears, low energy feelings and difficult trials that accompany these more severe experiences. Helping to bring acceptance to where you are now and choosing the best possible way for you to move forward with love and to create the healing process from the inside to the outside or the root to the symptom.