Releasing & Healing Traumas

Who we have "become" in this present moment is the manifestation of a constant layering from our genes, experiences and personal growth. Our decisions, emotional waves, coping mechanisms, relationship patterns and more are all influenced by these layers, sometimes consciously and other times completely subconsciously.

When we experience traumas in our life the affects can be very deeply rooted, even to a cellular level. The body's natural tendencies to fight or flight in intense situations can aid in our inability to release and heal these experiences at the time of the trauma. Although the purpose of this mechanism is to protect, which it may initially, in the long term it can cause "hidden" memories and painful emotions that will continually affect our lives.  

Almost all of us have experienced some sort of traumatic event in our lives whether it be emotional or physical. Often times they start at the very beginning in our childhood and may take some time to reveal themselves (if they are not conscious memories). Revisiting these traumas and clearing any negative energy they have left in your field takes a lot of courage and I honor your strength to take this step. As we walk through the stages of remembering, accepting, forgiving, and letting go, a deep cleansing will take place within you. Supported by love and compassion, forgiveness and letting go can set you free from the conscious and/or subsconcious influences these experiences have on your life.