What is Holistic Psychology
and Is It for Me?

Holistic Psychology is designed to aid in the process of overcoming emotional, energetic, physical, psychological and health challenges. It offers the guidelines and support to find balance and truth in your life and call upon your own personal strength to create positive changes. The goal of Holistic Psychology is to be creative and use natural techniques to heal our lives, rather then diagnosing and labeling, which is used in main stream psychiatry.

There are so many factors playing into the struggles that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. These factors can be organic, learned, or triggered by our relationships and our surroundings. The results may be low energy feelings, poor health, ill behavior, negative thoughts or even physical or behavioral illnesses and injuries (erratic or chronic). You may experience feelings of fear, anger, doubt, stress, embarrassment, depression, confusion, exhaustion and the list goes on. These emotions and physical manifestations may be compromising your daily routines, relationships and the most core affect; your health.

One initial difference in the holistic healing process is accepting that we are human and these feelings and symptoms are part of our experiences here on earth. Symptoms are the body's way of communicating with us, just as emotions, if honored and allowed to be released with positive transformation,  are the soul's way of cleansing the body. Medications may offer immediate relief and be helpful at the onset of treatment; however depending on drugs to control our lives indefinitely can be very deceptive and unwise. What we hope to do differently is to go to the root causes of these symptoms and give you the tools to create life long changes holistically.

Empowering yourself and acknowledging that creating change in your life and body starts with you is an important and vital step. You may not be able to specifically identify what exactly needs change or where to start, but you can admit that there is a definite need for positive movement. Your healing sessions will guide you through the process of identification and your will to do something about it is the primary catalyst for the change that will take place.

Facing our own personal truths and creating the process of change and healing may seem intimidating at first, but I will assist you on gathering this inner strength and taking these steps together.

There will be times where you will feel empowered and know you are headed in the right direction. Your mind, energy and emotions will be clear and focused on the direction of your healed self. Other times you may feel overwhelmed and unsure. You may experience sad memories, low energy or self-doubt. This is all part of the healing process and it can be difficult at times, but the rewards of health and self-love are well worth it and I will support you continually.

It is important that we feel comfortable and establish a relationship that offers a safe haven to go through these personal experiences together. I myself have faced personal health concerns and low energy habits/patterns and can relate to some of the stages you will experience. I am not here to judge or criticize, but to love and accept your journey, offering you guidance and support. With your personal involvement in this process and will to be well, the only possible outcome will be personal growth and the opportunity to create life long changes and health.