Releasing Low Energy Habits & Addictions

There are so many low energy habits and addictions that we face as a society. The actions and objects of these habits and addictions range widely from person to person, be it substances, sex, food, gambling, shopping or even biting your nails. The list can go on forever. It is true that some can be more harmful to ourselves and our lives than others, but the core issues remain the same. If you are someone that is facing this in your life, you are most likely experiencing one or more of these feelings; guilt, shame, fear, hopelessness, failure, rejection, anxiety or humiliation. Often times we become the “victim” of these very strong cycles of addiction and continue to feel these feelings or may even have gotten to a place of blocking them out entirely and possibly seeing “nothing wrong” with the habit. Even at the expense of hurting ourselves or others .

As I work with my clients, I guide them through the steps of acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and letting go. Allowing you to feel safe and face these feelings or fears that you may have been masking or avoiding for some time. Also helping to bring awareness to the triggers and cycles of these addictions and to re-program ourselves with new ways of handeling these triggers from an intentional place of awareness, rather than a pre-programmed reaction that leads to creating the addiction. I believe even in the strongest addictions, with guidance, support, love and dedication to ourselves, we can find our power again and with time release these cycles from our lives. My intention is to honor your process and help assist in the best possible choices and avenues in facing these aspects that no longer serve you.

If you are a loved one or partner of an addict, it can be a very difficult and exhausting journey. Reaching out for support and getting help for yourself is just as important as getting the “addict” help. I offer very similar guidance and support for those who are currently walking this path. We often focus so much on the “addict” that we neglect ourselves and become drained of our own life force. My intention is to help you find a healthy balance of support and offer you a space to express the pain, anger, helplessness or shame you may feel and help you heal these layers of yourself.